To Exam or Not to Exam

The Importance of Physical Examinations in Cats:

They are cats, right? I mean it stresses them out to the max to go and see a veterinarian, so why do it?

In my opinion, one of the most important reasons to take your cat, or any pet, for a regular examination is because they do not announce when they are in pain. Yes, vaccinations are outstandingly important, especially for those inside-outside critters that live with you. Not to mention, keeping your pet current on their Rabies vaccination is a legal matter in most places.

But let’s just think about something as simple as a toothache. Your cat does not typically disclose the simple information of, “Hey Mom! My teeth hurt; please put me into the scary moving box (the car), take me to the place where they poke me with funny gadgets (the veterinarian’s clinic), and bring me back home covered in my nervous body waste, AND make me hate my perpetual hiding box (the bathtub) by filling it with water and emerging me in it.”

No-the conversation usually goes more like this…

Cat: ”Meow.”

Me: “Awe, my sweet little precious angel. You are mommy’s perfect baby!” *Picks up and squeezes cat*

End of conversation.

Cats are very careful not to demonstrate pain. But the truth of the matter is IF your cat is going to show you he is in pain, it will be in very small doses. Maybe, he will just eat a little less for breakfast. Maybe, he is pulling his food out of the bowl because his teeth are sensitive and it hurts to dive in. Maybe, he is being a cat, because let’s be honest, they typically do whatever they want to do on any given day, at any given time.

Let me make perfectly clear, sometimes your cat is probably doing these things for no other reason than being a cat. BUT if they haven’t been to see a veterinarian for 7 years, how do you know the truth in that?

Would you wait 7 years to mention your child has not been eating super well?

Confession-Ok, ok, I am not a parent of a human being so for those of you offended by me comparing this relationship to that of your child, I am sorry. One day, I will understand the difference, maybe, but right now, my cats are my kids, in the closest sense.  

Captain, my fluffy ball of pride and joy, recently had 6 teeth pulled. 6. Including a canine, so yes his smile has transformed but he is as cute as ever. Gingivitis and Feline Tooth Resorption are far from pleasant. His doctor is a miracle-worker. He feels better than he did before-and we had no idea he felt bad. His breath no longer smells like rotting fish and he eats all of his food almost every meal. The changes are wondrous. Imagine, an ill-tempered cat in the same situation. Personalities are lightened just from the ambience of feeling better.  

Just go. Just call the veterinarian. Will the bill be more than you want to pay? Probably, but how often do you have to pay that bill? Could you cut back on eating out that month so your furry friend can be well taken care of? Some veterinarians do not even feel they need to see your cat every single year so there are options out there!

*If finding a reputable veterinarian in your area that you trust is one of your biggest concerns and you live somewhere between Orleans and Bloomington, Indiana, contact me. I know several from personal and work experiences.

I smell my husband’s corn casserole filling the air and if you have had it, you know this post must come to an end. Thank you for joining me for my first blog!


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