This is an intermittent blog post you may never see if you aren’t following this blog. WARNING: I am spilling my spiritual guts here.

I had an epiphany today!
Sorry if you already knew this about me but I finally made a solid, valuable connection for myself, actually of myself and God.
My heart hurts, it actually aches and breaks, when I read, see, hear, or know about any type of animal cruelty. From the rabbit that lives in a metal cage and is experimented on for cosmetics, to the cat euthanized because he has no home, to the inhumanely treated for meat, my heart breaks.
How did I come to realize this is of God and I?
Well, I know a lot of people that care about animals. My parents both like animals. They would both never intentionally harm a living being and I would say this is true for most members of my family and friends. My husband also likes animals, particularly cats and monkeys, and he worries about our 2 cats like they are his children.
But why does my heart break? Why can I not hold back copious amounts of tears when I walk past a pet store, follow behind a turkey truck, or see any mistreatment of any animal? It’s because God made me that way. He put it inside of me to be someone who defends his creatures and who cares so deeply for them. How have I not seen this as a God-thing before?
Ian and I are in a Bible Study right now in which we are talking about our lives’ passions and hearts’ desires and how to use these for the Kingdom. The only reason I truly joined the study is because I thought Ian needed to discover those things about himself. On the other hand, isn’t that often how God works? He changes things in our hearts. He opens our eyes to new knowledge about Him and about us and our relationship. He shapes every single one of us before we even come into this world. He deliberately crafted us uniquely, in his image. Everyone’s heart breaks for something. And mine is for animals, the voiceless, precious animals of this world.
I do not know what this means in my life. I do not know what it looks like or what it changes. But by not using this passion God has placed in me more, am I denying one of the amazing gifts he has given me to contribute to this broken world? You might say, there are worse things happening. Absolutely, but this has been put on my heart for a reason.
So my plan is to pray. Pray that God will show me how to use the passion He gave me. Maybe starting as simple as volunteering once or twice a week at an organization that has a mission of the passion placed in my heart? Maybe it is becoming an influential blogger who stands up for cats (HA!). Whatever it is, I want to find it and I want to put my heart into it, the heart God gave me.

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