Shared Love

cap.pngSo, this week I decided to turn to fellow cat enthusiasts for inspiration and to mix things up a bit!

I promptly had a realization about the individuals I asked to share in this post with me. All of them, in some fashion or another, are people I felt quickly comfortable with, made friends with easily, or just really understand my level of weird. It is like us cat people just get each other. Some responses were short and so sweet and others were more lengthy and full of wit.

The guest bloggers were posed with 2 questions and could send in a photograph. They each answered: how they know the author (me-Carly) and what they love most about cats or a particular cat.

 Enjoy the personality they add to this blog; I know I did!


Asa (age 4 as of this month)

20160815_191050 (1).png

1. I know Carly because I just do. I just know her.
2. I like cats because they are so cute. My precious girl is named kitty-meow. I love her because she is sweet. I play with her and sleep with her. She makes me happy. I don’t have a real cat, but I like kitty-meow because she can come in stores and in the car and on the playground. I just love all cats.

Did your heart just melt after hearing from Asa? Mine too.



download (2)

download (1)

1. Carly went to school with my son, Ian and she is now my beautiful sweet daughter-in-law.

2. I have 2 cats that I love because of their personalities. Stella is feisty and Albert is lovey.


1. I had the genuine luck to work alongside Carly Powell at a pet care center (which shall not be named) with an attached Vet Clinic. We toiled away while caring and loving each pet that walked through our doors, sick or healthy. I had the pleasure of watching her grow and move on to bigger and better things, even though she is sorely missed. To this day, I delight in the fact that our friendship still remains.
2. I haven’t had a cat for very long, but if I were to decide on my favorite thing about them at this moment, it would be the bursts of weird-cat playfulness. The zipping around your feet, the full-body twist, the head toss, and the sassy chirping meow…I love it. And that’s what makes me burst out laughing at 1am when everything is quiet. Sorry, neighbors.




“This is what they do lol. Just try to sleep in inappropriate places — like a bed that just got the sheets taken off.”

1. Carly went to high school with me. We’ve known each other since we were kids playing basketball together. We also played on the same volleyball team and ran track together!
2. This is tough so I’m gonna split it between my three cats:
A. Severus – I love when Severus randomly decides to go crazy. Usually he makes some weird noise and jumps on his hind legs like he’s a hopping bunny or something. Always entertaining.
B. T – he’s basically the best cat ever. My favorite thing about him is how much he loves Justin (husband). He hugs him like he’s a person or something. It’s so sweet.
C. Godric – he makes so many noises. He growls (for no reason), he meows, and he makes other weird sounds. He’s the feisty one in the bunch.


Christy (Dr. V)

“No pics of me with the cats because I am always the photographer!”

1.  I met you when we were working at BloomingPaws. (She is also the veterinarian to my kitties and oh do we love Dr. V!)

2. I love how cats can be fiercely independent yet completely affectionate. When they love you, you know it’s special!


“This is my cat Leila, and I. She prefers sleeping on my head every night, and my neck is not thankful for it.”

1. I met Carly while we worked together at Bloomingpaws! She gave me a tour during my interview, and her compassion for animals and sweet personality was the main driving force in me taking the job. We bonded over our mutual love (or what some may call an obsession) of animals, especially kitties!
2. I love that cats all have unique personalities. My cat in particular is very independent, but she LOVES me and always wants to be right next to me. She loves licking eyebrows, but refuses to be held or cuddled. Go figure!



1. I know you through Sherwood Oaks, and specifically through the children’s ministry program, Sherwood Kids!

2. The two things that I absolutely love about cats are: 1) If you put an object on the floor (like paper, clothing, books, etc.) they immediately choose to sit on that one thing and avoid sitting on the rest of the floor! 2) Cats find a way to fit in literally any space they want to. It’s like their super power!



“I cat sat last week so there’s lots of good material!”

1. We were roommates in college and I was your maid of honor.

2. I love that cats are independent. They don’t need to be let out all the time or taken on walks. And I like that they are snuggly.



1. I know Carly from grade school basketball where we threw down some of the funniest/greatest moves in history.
2. All cats in general have a mind of their own. I love that they want their space, but also want to be all up in your space. Plus, I mean they’re basically as beautiful as unicorns.

{Aunt} Susie

Clearly, she knows me because I am her niece!

Aunt Susie is kind of the definition of “Cat Lady” (she appreciates that I don’t add the “Crazy”–even though I have the same thought process as her). See her picture captions to understand why I say this.

Here are the front porch cats (picture on the right).  They are all strays from the neighborhood.  Hotrod, in the middle back, the twins and Jake (who is actually my sister’s cat) and Nike.

This is “mommy cat,” (in the picture on the left) our back porch cat.  This is truly the only cat that is ours!  However, all of the cats are spayed and neutered and come by to be fed and hang out.



1. Well it all started in the 5th grade… long story short, Carly and I are happily married!

2. I love cats because they are predictably unpredictable. Moo and Smokey are going to do what they always do. The question is, when will they do it? When will Moo randomly bite you, hum when you touch him, or get high (on catnip)? When will Ol Smokey be a freak, want to be petted, or walk in paint and sprint around the house? These are things cats do; however, you just never know what kind of mood they are in and what they are going to do next. It always keeps things interesting. To clarify, we have about a thousand nicknames for Captain and Gandalf!


A special thanks to all of you who contributed your time to make this post possible!

There are a few of my cat loving friends that were swamped this week and were not able to contribute to this post. I am sorry we missed you, friends! Please feel free to comment with your answers and photos; I know I would love to see them! Also, if you love cats, and maybe I did not perceive just how much and forgot to ask you, please comment as well! I look forward to learning more about any of my readers and your furry friends!

The cat enthusiast I wish I could have asked to answer these questions would be my grandmother, Munner; although, she is in a much better place. I know that her answer to number one would have been something similar to “C is my angel, the most beautiful in the world.” I am not sure why she would say she loved cats, but I do know she dearly loved her cats and her grand cats, especially Baby Cat, who she mourned the loss of for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder if part of her love for cats stemmed from how much she loved me too. She never failed to ask me how my kitties were when we talked. Oh, how I miss my Munner and I am sure if Heaven has vision onto earth, she is smiling now.

As always, thanks for joining me!


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