I’d Rather Be Watching Cat Videos

“I’d Rather Be Watching Cat Videos” reads a blue tie-dye t-shirt I bought Ian a while back. And no, we wouldn’t always rather be watching cat videos. We much enjoy spending time with each other, our family, and friends. And no, we don’t always watch cat videos while working or at church. BUT who doesn’t adore a cat-tastic cat video?

So this week, I decided to compile some links to a few of my favorite cat videos. Many of them I have enjoyed several times. I genuinely hope you get a good laugh or at the very least a smile from some of these! Also, included is an original video starring Ian, Cappy, and I from our apartment-living, college days. Only a few poor souls have had the great pleasure of viewing this gem, but I figured if we are going to become famous for our ridiculous, maybe disturbing, dancing, it was time to share. ENJOY!

I am pretty sure she and I would be the best of friends!


This knowledgeable guy reminds me of when Gandalf first joined Captain as a member of our family. So sweet!


I just love that this guy made this whole thing up! Awesome!


Bless her heart. But you know she is famous now for that song they made about her EHarmony try-out!


Okay, I know what you are thinking, but I promise that is not me in the video.


It just cracks me up when the boys do this!


And here it is..

The song is directly from another Youtube Video..

You’re welcome for how normal you will feel after watching this..


Thank you for stopping by!

I am hoping you can sleep tonight after that last one! I would love to see your favorite cat videos too!



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