Star Struck

This past weekend, Ian and I participated in a 5k that benefited the Humane Society of Monroe County. Ian did great (finished top 10) and I finished the race, so there’s that.

We were surrounded by fellow animal lovers who all ran to support our community’s animals in need. How cool! Animal enthusiasts and several pooches came together to participate in the 5k and/or the festivities pertaining to the 5k. It was joyous, even for my newly-discovered-allergic-to-dogs husband.

At the conclusion of the run and other various contests, the participants, as well as some of the pups, took a victory, cool down lap together. And guess who came to be the Grand Marshall and lead us on our victory lap? None other than Lil Bub!   Star struck? I definitely was! As we marched our lap of triumph, I stayed close behind Lil Bub in hopes I would get to meet her.  A sweet, youthful girl also stayed as close as I and took approximately 3,000 pictures of Lil Bub. I mandated Ian to keep his camera up the entire lap for photo ops of myself meeting Lil Bub and us becoming the best of friends. And yes, he snapped this photo of Lil Bub, her dad, and myself:


I know, she is purrrfect, right?

After I finally realized I needed to make room for the younger fans to meet Lil Bub and we returned home, I concluded that I truly did not know much about Lil Bub. Sure, Bub is a she. She lives in Bloomington and she is famous. But why? Why is she so miniature and also so famous?


Maybe you have heard of Lil Bub from having lived in or near Bloomington, Indiana. Nevertheless, if you are similarly as ignorant as I was, all you know is that she is a famous cat, whose tongue seems to stick out more often than other cats.


So, I saved us all the trouble and did the research!

And here is what I discovered:

1. In 2011, Lil Bub was found living in a tool shed with her family. She was the runt of the feral litter.

2. Lil Bub was born with a heap of genetic differences:

  a. “Perma-kitten”: apparently there exists a condition in which a cat will remain kitten-sized and Lil Bub has this condition!

  b. Additionally, Lil Bub is a dwarf cat, which also accounts for her tiny, stocky legs.

  c. Her lower jaw is much shorter than her upper jaw. This in conjunction with her teeth never coming in causes that adorable tongue to hang out.

  d. Lil Bub is even polydactyl, giving her extra toes (and claws) on each paw!

3.  She is healthy and happy and still eats canned and dry food. That’s amazing!

4. Lil Bub saved her human dad. He had a series of tough situations going on in life, from work to car to home, financial struggles. Mike was never much of a cat guy until he met Lil Bub and the 4 other cats he had adopted just prior to adopting her. He was immediately drawn to her differences. Mike thought Lil Bub was so unique that he started sharing her story. Surely enough, her story made it big time, went viral, and they were asked to be on Good Morning America. She lives with her human mom, dad (Mike), and brother. I encourage you to visit her shop in Bloomington! So sweet and usually an up-for-adoption cat hanging around!


“Lil BUB is extraordinary — one of nature’s happiest accidents” –Mike Bridavsky, Lil Bub’s Dad.


5. And finally, one of the most amazing things about Lil Bub is the work she does across the universe for other pets! She has been a tremendous advocate for pets in need all across the globe through the ASPCA, the Humane Society (specifically in her home town as well as elsewhere), publishing books, being on television shows, and more.

Lil Bub may be “just a cat” to some people, but to others she is a true hero! If nothing else, let her story be proof that no matter how peculiar you feel or how different you think you are, you can be a change in this world!

I must end this post here in order to produce a plan for Captain and Gandalf’s rise to fame. But in all seriousness, I am interested in hearing your thoughts about Lil Bub and her change in the world!


Thank you for stopping by!


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