The Tail of a New Home

There are many reasons why someone may consider giving up a pet, specifically a cat.
However, there are also many solutions to avoid this or to provide re-homing with a positive spin!


Here are some reasons one may consider re-homing their beloved kitty:

  1. Allergies
    Sudden onset allergies believed to be caused by your cat. It is hard to be certain the true cause of the allergy if you had not previously showed any reactions. For example, my husband recently discovered he has an allergy to dog dander. His eyes get itchy, but it took us a few pup-interactions to realize what was going on. (I know what you are thinking! Yes, PHEW, he seems to be fine with cats!)
    It turns out when people believe they have developed a cat allergy, the reaction is often to the litter the kitty is using. Try switching to a more natural litter and see if things change! Remember your kitty-cat walks on you with the same paws that he uses to paw around in the box with.

  2. “No Pets Allowed”
    Many cats will end up in shelters or in a new home when the family has to pick up and move to a new place. Particularly, when moving into an apartment that claims to be a no pet zone.
    You should know that many complexes will agree to an exception if you do not plan to stay long, offer a fee, etc. Personally, the fee would be worth keeping the cat around. Plus, there are always other apartments, right?

  3. Delivery! New Baby!
    A lot of mothers-to-be (and some daddies too) fear the thought of having a cat around their newborn baby. Because of the risk of toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease cats can carry from eating small mammals or birds which can cause birth defect, miscarriage, or stillbirth, new-to-be parents can become even more frightened. However, this illness is rare and can be almost eliminated by keeping your kitty indoors and having someone else clean the litter during pregnancy.

    There are several precautions that can be taken when preparing for a baby to enter a home with a cat present. For  example, introducing the cat and baby slowly. Perhaps allow the cat to smell a blanket or toy that the baby has been with.

    And although an old wives tale that the cat will take your baby’s breath away, separated sleeping arrangements are a great safety precaution since the baby will not initially be able to roll away from the cat. Here are some examples:cat-canopydoor cover.PNG

    (bonus– the Cot Cat Net keeps out mosquitoes and other buggies! and you can find door covers like these that are super easy to use!)

    I suggest asking your veterinarian for advice early!

    Find more information about safety amongst cats and babies from the ASPCA here.

  4. “Oh, be-have”
    Behavioral issues often are taken into account when considering re-homing. Typically, these issues can be avoided with some patience and research. For example, if your kitty is peeing outside the litter box randomly, he may be signaling to you that he is stressed out or doesn’t feel well. It is recommended to at least call your veterinarian and ask! You never know-something as simple as natural spray or access to more sunlight may do the trick for your kitty!


When odds are not working in your favor and you must re-home, please consider the following:

  1. Work with rescues or veterinarians!

  2. Look into re-homing with someone who knows and loves your kitty already. For example, we have a family member who took in one of our cats as she would not have done well with my current furbabies and my parents were no longer able to keep her in their residence. She is so loved and we see pictures of her that make us so happy!

  3. Shelters are over-populated and older kitties, especially, have the risk of never coming back out of the shelter.

  4.  Never put up a “Free to a Good Home” sign and send your kitty off with someone you have never met. Although they may seem interested in providing a loving home, they also may have poor intentions, such as using your precious kitty as bait in a dog-fight. I know, sad! Think about it, they more than likely would try to get anything for free if they are participating in such monstrosities.

  5. Try to work it out! 

Let me know if you have situational questions and I will do my best to lead you in the appropriate direction!

Thanks for stopping by to read this post!


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