Blogging with Cats.. In Cappy Mills’ Perspective

Meow! Hi humans. You must be the ones my human-mom shrieks about when you stare back at her on the light box. Nice to finally meet you.
I try to guard the light box from her as it tends to make her violently touch the buttons and it seems like she can’t control her paws. But I have found if I kindly and unselfishly lay beside her back leg, to keep her warm of course, she will scratch my back while she stares into her light box. So, it all seems worth it.
She and human-dad are always putting the smaller light box in our faces and telling us to “keep being cute” followed by that high-pitched voice “Cappy, Monkey, *obnoxious whistling*” (I still can’t figure out where this monkey is. My brother’s name is Gandalf, I think, not that he responds to anything other than “Here kitty, kitty.” Amateur. More snacks and pets for me.
Here is my “brother.” Much learning he has to do with getting away with things. I shall show you, mi amigo.
I am afraid I have not much more to say and even if I did, I have more important decisions to make right now. You see, I heard talk of clean laundry on the bed, which will need the generous endowment of hair from yours truly or perhaps I shall chuff at the chipmunk that lives on the outside of my castle.
No cats were harmed in writing this blog post.

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