Jubilant Dribble

Every morning, a precious striped kitty, named Gandalf, awakes in my house and eats his breakfast. Nearly every morning, he then proceeds to find me. And in these glorious morning moments, it is as if he has been separated from his human momma for weeks.

He slams his head into my hands as if he is a bug attracted to a light-he just cannot control himself. He starts purring and meowing the most adorable of all meows. Gandalf does not leave my side. As I advance to the bathroom to start to prepare for the day, he follows me. And there he is, on the sink, still purring, knocking anything he can out of the way so I couldn’t possibly get ready and must solely pet him at all moments.

Sometimes, he will get distracted but other times I have to distract him and get into the shower. Although occasionally he will look down at the bathtub and I feel as if he is thinking “I can handle this, I can get in the water, as long as momma pets me.” Although he never jumps in while the water is going. Once and a while, I will try taking him to his human dad for pets, and although he loves him dearly, he comes running back to me. It breaks my heart every morning when I have to leave him! He is such a morning momma’s cat!

After petting him for a few moments (back to before I get in the said shower), I rarely fail to notice the wet residue on my hands. And I quickly gathered that this was in fact cat slobbers.

By the way, the videos do it no justice!

So why the slobber?

Originally we thought he had a medical condition, having not had a cat that randomly soaks our hands with drool in the past.

It turns out these puddles of drool are actually an expression of joy! Not all cats partake in this interesting phenomenon but many do. It is similar to when we are hungry and smell something tasty, our senses work over time and we may even drool!

Now don’t get me wrong, if your cat is drooling at other times and having other issues of any type, this may be a medical concern and it wouldn’t hurt to ask your veterinarian next time you see them! However, if you have a happy-slobberer like mine, no need to worry-keep the pets coming!

Mornings are one of my favorites, slobber and all. If only, I could work from home in my pajamas..what a happy cat I would have! Who wants to hire me to pet my own cats all day?


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