That Cat With a Crooked Smile

That Cat With a Crooked Smile
An original poem by Carly

Miller was the name they had given him
But the name Miller, alone, seemed a little grim

So Captain we added
And his belly we soon padded

4-paw declawed they said
Which made my heart hurt and feel dead

His teeth a mess
Which we soon addressed

The car fills with poop
When a pet carrier is his coop

The smell does not last
Since his sweet meow makes the stench leave your memory fast

The sweetest of cats you will ever meet
No matter his clawless feet

A little jealous of a new brother
But still adores his father and mother

Together they lay
But only when we leave for the day

A long day at the office comes to a close
And Captain is waiting at home, from his nap he has arose

Just a cat, you say?
But he cheers me up when I feel gray

Old and frail one day, I will still love him so
Loving cats, I have become such a pro

And when that cat with a crooked smile is no longer here
I’ll remember his unique self, as if he is still near

Thanks for stopping by to read my original poem! Happy 2017!









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