Perish Barbaric Lump

I found a lump on sweet Gandalf last week. Instantly worried, I texted Dr. V. She suggested I watch for changes and make an appointment to see her soon.

Dr V. did an examination on Gandalf. She aspirated the lump and checked out the sample under a microscope. It appeared to be an infection but not necessarily a scary infection. We started him on antibiotics in hopes the lump would dissipate on its own. If it doesn’t, he will have to go in for surgery, just to be certain it isn’t something far more scary.

Lumps in cats can range from an abscess (an infection that may be caused by injury, such as another cat’s bite) to cancerous tumors, with many possibilities in between. So please have your cat checked out if you find a strange lump, comparably as you should if you were to find a lump on yourself!

Additionally, cat bites can be quite raunchy. If you are bitten by a cat and skin is broken, you do need to see a doctor even if just as a precaution. Bites from cat to cat can be similarly yucky and may cause abscesses. Upon entrance into a vet examination for a cat with a newly formed knot, one of the first questions will more than likely be whether the cat is inside or outside/if they have access to other cats. Cat bites are often, but not always, found on the back of the cat near the hips and/or tail. The bite itself may be scarred over or covered in fur and therefore can be hard to identify without an examination from the experts.

Remember, cats and dogs do not really like to tell us when things do not feel right. Regular check-ups and routine examinations are critical to their health!


Please keep Gandalf in your thoughts and prayers! His bump feels smaller to me so let’s hope I am accurate! Of course, he does not seem to be worried but his momma sure is.

*UPDATE: Gandalf will have mass removal surgery this week. Hopefully a biopsy can tell us a little more of what is going on. We are praying for a smooth surgery!

**2nd UPDATE: After giving the vet team plenty of difficulty (not because of their skill at all but because he put up a big fight to be sedated.. well.. touched really), Gandalf has undergone surgery and is home! Dr. V found that the mass was a bizarre tumor, which attached to his muscle. She cut out the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue to send in as a biopsy. Within the next few days the lab should inform us what kind of mass we are/were dealing with.

I tried to explain to him on the way home that he has a really sick scar and hair cut right now and he could make up any story to his friends that he wants, but he wasn’t feeling the pep talk.

Once Gandalf realized he was home and let his guard down, he is all about getting the pets again. For now, my sweet boy is isolated away from his brother so they do not break out in a playful battle or so Cappy does not become the right hand man to project suture eradication.

Please continue to consider him in your thoughts and prayers.


We are not sure where this tumor came from but we are beyond happy to report it is benign! Now, to get Gandalf fully recovered with sutures removed!





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