10 Subtle and Simple Ways to Make Your Cat’s Heart Smile

Cats make us smile. Well, at least cats make me smile. A simple snuggle with a kitty can brighten and lighten so many stressful days. So how can we make our cats smile?

Here are 10 subtle and simple suggestions to make your cat’s day:

  1. Open a window or door (with a secure screen) on a sunny day
    Captain and Gandalf: Chipmunk Watchin’
  2. Let them snuggle on your lap for as long as they wish
  3. Keep their food and litter areas tidy! Additionally, try mixing up where they eat for a more realistic wild life adventure. However, I wouldn’t try this with an already finicky kitty. And I would highly recommend not moving around the litter box too much. A consistent potty location is a win for everyone.
  4. Express love and give them attention when you can
  5. Give treats or catnip-filled toys on special occasions or just because you love them
  6. Take time out of your day to play with them
  7. Give them access to high places-a cat tower, a sunny seat, or high perch
  8. Give them space when they want it. They don’t always want to be taunted!
  9. Just talk to them. Cats know more than we give them credit for. They can often read people and their tones. For example, ours often hide when they hear higher pitched voices-the child caution alert goes off in their heads. Talk to them about anything; cats can be worthy listeners.
  10. Give them a secret hideaway (a simple box from the grocery store will do)!

How do you show your cat [or dog] you love him or her? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!


One thought on “10 Subtle and Simple Ways to Make Your Cat’s Heart Smile

  1. I mix up my cat’s food when he stops eating because that is what he thinks should happen after he eats the first few bites off the top. I was just recently able to ween him off the spoon. Yes, he wouldn’t eat unless I spoon fed him.

    Your husband


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