The Sun: It’s The Cats’ Meow

Have you ever noticed that when the sun starts coming out regularly that you aren’t the only one in a better mood? Does the sun perk your kitty up? Ever wonder why? I know I do. I mean who doesn’t love the sun, right? But there is no doubt that big ball of warmth-ness in the sky causes our kitty friends to be sent into a calming, glorious daze.


As soon as those windows are opened and the front door reveals a plain glass door, my boys turn into these completely new individuals. They lose all common sense, start pawing at the door rapidly, and knock each other out of the way to see the chipmunks first. Nature provides a fantastic enrichment-filled day! And then there is the sun

As the sun beams in, the cats get more and more relaxed. Usually, at least for mine, it starts with staring out the window (such as Gandalf is doing here below).

gandy in the sun

And then slowly but surely turns into finding the sunniest of sunny, comfy spots for a long, much-needed nap.


So why do our feline friends love that burning ball of a star so much, or better yet the rays that it produces?

It is true that a cat’s normal temperature is higher than ours already. The heat of the sun keeps them warm, while also conserving their energy. A kitty’s basal metabolism [the minimal energy expended for the maintenance of respiration, circulation, peristalsis, muscle tonus, body temperature, glandular activity, and the other vegetative functions of the body (lots of important bodily functions to sustain life)] is dropped when they sleep in the sun.  This is due to the offset of the sunlight. Ever notice your cat waking up ever so slightly mid-nap just to creep an inch or two to remain in the sun? Basically, their bodies do not have to work as hard if they take an enjoyable nap in the sizzling sun beams.

Now remember, this doesn’t mean your kitty should be left alone in a place they cannot receive any shade or break from the heat. Kitties can get overheated even though their heat tolerance is higher than yours and mine. Be sure also to note that heat tolerance and crave for the sun can vary by breed and may be impacted by location the breed originated and hair length of said breed.

All of this talk of warm sun-shiny cat naps has me ready to find a kitty to snuggle up to and fall asleep. As always, thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to comment with pictures of your sweet kitty in the sun!
Sun Gandy and I


2 thoughts on “The Sun: It’s The Cats’ Meow

  1. Ah ha, science explaining cat behavior! Who knew!!! Taco is such a furnace; sometimes I have to prod her out from under the covers because she is generating so much heat at night

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, I miss hearing your Taco stories!
      Gandalf is the same way! He is always pawing to get under the covers and since I am also a very hot-bodied individual, the fur and heat are a bad combination! But I have to let him do it, just so sweet!
      Captain just wants to lay on top of everything and everyone-haha!


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