I heart Animal Hearted

On Monday, I opened my mailbox and pulled out a petite but adorable teal package that read “I helped save an animal”! And although petite, the contents were fantastic!

I mean just look at what this package had to offer!


I know what you are thinking.. “how do I get myself some of that?” (And yes, there are definitely options for dog lovers). Just click the link below and BOOM! you are shopping away!

Animal Hearted website

Animal Hearted is a clothing company that creates enjoyable animal-loving clothing, while also being dedicated to saving the lives of shelter animals!

The absolute best part is that 25% of the profits goes directly to shelters or rescue organizations (hence the “I helped save an animal” lingo). Some of the groups the company has contributed to are listed on their website and all seem like great animal-loving organizations!

What’s not to love?

I even got to combine my love for cats with my appreciation for mexican food!


And no.. I would never actually put a cat in a tortilla shell but the play on words was just too much for me!

I guess I will end my post here so you can start shopping and I can find a career, petting cats, in which I can wear these tanks everyday.

Thanks for dropping in!


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