It’s a Car, It’s a Plane, No, It’s a Cat!

Hello fellow cat lovers or persons who feel led to read this blog post!

I have been on a few business trips this past month (actually on a flight home as I write half of this blog post to you), in addition to being extremely busy writing submissions the days I am in the office (I wrote the second half of this post the day I submitted my first 510(k)!). It is always in my heart to write a blog post but sometimes I feel a little brain dead, for lack of a better term, after work.

There are a lot of individuals, as well as things, I miss when I am on a business trip. To name a few:

  1. My husband-because what is not to miss when you are experiencing a new city with your co-workers instead of your partner and bestie? (don’t get me wrong, I have fantastic co-workers. If any of you are reading this right now, know you make work trips even more enjoyable!)
  2. The rest of my family (even if it was a small time frame, I personally feel when you are in another state; you have the right to miss your whole family. Well especially when you have one as great as mine).
  3. Attending church services-I fall a little out of my Jesus-worshipping routine, which can sometimes be a good thing so you can be you know a little less “going through the motions” as Matthew West would sing.
  4. Our bed…need I say more?
  5. And last, but absolutely not least, Captain and Gandalf

As I arrive back late to my hotel after a long day of conferences, meetings, and business gatherings, I ponder the idea of one of the cats being with me. Immediately, I am selfish and want one of them to be waiting for me as a warm, homey, snuggle buddy atop the fluffy white pillow topper. But to my dismay, the room is empty.

And then I play out the story in my head of them traveling alongside me. Can you imagine Captain on a plane? I see pictures of famous cats on planes all the time. Lil Bub looks like she is a pro plane rider. But Captain Miller. Captain would be possibly the worst plane compadre.


First of all, I wouldn’t want him to ride with the luggage. He is a member of the family not a bag of stuff. And, I mean, have you read the airline news lately? So, he would of course have his own seat aboard the aircraft. But then ears would suddenly be down, meows ablaze, and probably about 10 minutes before the plane landed, the most awful, foul of all poops would join us on the plane. The other option would be to give him kitty drugs and bring on the 3rd eye lid but that comes only with the risk of self-destruction. As the meds send him instantly into a state of insanity, as he starts banging his nose off of things. So for the sake of Captain’s sweet self, I choose for him to stay home.

And then… there is Gandalf. My cat (as my husband and I say when we pretend we each have our own cat).


First of all, can you envision trying to get through security with Gandalf-MonkeyRoo with me? Yeah, me neither. Don’t get me wrong, he is definitely one of the most amazing cats I have ever met and I love him so much but you get him around a lot of people and that cat a little cray cray, as the kids are saying these days (which by the way kids, cray cray is longer than crazy… but maybe you weren’t going for a nickname). It is sort of as if he says in his sweet, little head, “Feral memories-release!”

I would lose him in the airport instantly. I don’t even have to get into the details of flying with Gandalf beside me because we would never make it that far. Although, he is way better of a traveler than Cappy. Sure, he has moments of udder freak out, but overall he is happy if he can sit in the car on a lap.

I guess distance really can make the heart grow fonder. Don’t take for granted those sweet kitty and pup snuggles. And if you are traveling with your pets, travel safely and plan ahead!

As always, thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “It’s a Car, It’s a Plane, No, It’s a Cat!

  1. I always felt bad when I traveled because I felt as if I missed my cat more than my husband. But when you TALK to someone you miss them less. And when I traveled for work, I talked to my husband all the time. Depending on the time difference. But we would talk AT LEAST once a day. With an animal it is all about the pets, the hugs, the kisses, the snuggles . . . not so much the conversations. So that makes it more difficult.

    I don’t know that my cats would travel well. I am confident that one would meow herself hoarse. She would meow long and loud until she could not do it any more. The other one would just get that look, the one that tells you she is plotting something. And you had better beware!

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