The Season of the Kitten

Kitten season-it is among us! Doesn’t it sound like such a joyous time of year? Wrong-o! The truth about kitten season is that kittens are overflowing in shelters, good homes are hard to come by, and many momma cats are having several homeless litters.

Kitten season is typically at its peak in late spring or early summer. Many shelters and organizations have procedures in place solely to prepare for the dreaded kitten season. Yes, kittens are amazing. I mean, honestly, who doesn’t love a kitten? Can you just imagine millions of those petite, round, fluffy faces looking at you with big, buggy eyes? And the adorable, captivating purrs and meows of a tiny cat which are probably similar to the sounds I will hear when I am on my way to Heaven one day.

But there are soooo many, too many, out there looking for a home that kitten season is basically the worst. Both upsetting and heartbreaking.

Just look at the picture above my friend Amy took when she was fostering Gandy (on the left) and his sweet sister, Catniss (on the right). Yes, kittens. Yes, adorable. Yes, scared out of their minds and homeless. Thankfully, there are people like Amy who foster these poor babies but not every kitty has such luxury!

The easiest, most humane, and quickest way to decrease the overflow during kitten season is to spay and neuter your kitties! This becomes ESPECIALLY important if your cat is allowed to roam the neighborhood.

In 2015, Petsmart estimated that 20 million kittens were born in the Spring season alone. Can you even fathom that? 20 million kittens, people. Do you think there are enough individuals or families looking for cat companions that 20 million cats (JUST IN THE SPRING OF ONE YEAR) will be adopted?  This doesn’t include all the momma cats that also need a home and tend to get overlooked when there are 8 tiny versions of themselves hanging around. 13 million of the 20 million kittens are born to free-roaming, unaltered kitties. T-N-R (Trap, Neuter, Return) programs have helped reduce the amount of unwanted cat pregnancies. However, the true change must start with the humans who care for these cats.

Want to help your local shelter and community during kitten season? Foster or adopt, offer help with spay/neuter vouchers, look at their online listings for current resource needs, and (kindly) educate people around you about the nightmare of kitten season and how they can make a change!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this post!


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