Millennials Need Companions Too

Tired of the term millennial (most agree this defines those born anywhere between 1982 and 2004) yet?

According to a study performed by Purina Pet Foods, 57 percent of millennials consider their feline friends as important as the humans in their lives and 86 percent consider their cats to be a loyal companion. Read more from that study here!

Reasons I personally think “my generation” has a fond place in their heart for having cat companions:
1. Many of us are waiting longer to have kids these days, for some of the following reasons:
-Paying college debt off (because getting a decent job without extended education is getting more and more difficult)
-Settling down later
-Focusing on a career first
-Cats are less attention-needing than children, (lez be honest) so numerous young professionals have cats as their roommates. Besides they let you talk and don’t talk back too much!

2. Travel-independence and low maintenance
-Leaving a cat at home and having neighbor Susie come feed said cat is a whole lot easier than pawning off a dog or especially a baby for the weekend
-Although my mother would argue this, litter boxes typically can go a few days without a thorough clean unlike the puppy who needs to go potty outside or have their potty pad changed
-Millennials are more often, than generations before our time, staying in smaller apartments longer or buying small homes (maybe even a tiny house). Kitties tend to not need much space especially compared to a large dog. But as someone who has considered a tiny house, I need to know, where does the litter box go?! (Unless of course you have a kitty screened in porch or your kitty goes outside?) Blog post about 2 cats in a tiny house!

3. Photography
-We, 20 something year-olds, have all become the world’s best photographers. Our IPhones and high-tech Samsungs have us feelin’ like we should get paid to work from home and by “work” I mean post selfies of us laying by the pool and stuff. Cats make great photography with their piercing eyes and beautiful markings. Although, I don’t feel this is a big reason Millennials have cats, I do feel it is a reason the cat is more cherished! See what I mean…



But what am I saying? I am a cat lover and Millennial myself! I would love to hear your perspective on this, especially if you are a Millennial and feel differently than I do or are another generation and have a strong opinion!

In the mean time, listen to this song by Micah Tyler about Millennials. And yes, I can say I laughed at this song because some of it is indeed true of Ian and I. All in good fun!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a purrfect evening!




7 thoughts on “Millennials Need Companions Too

  1. Nope. I think every generation and every group gets name.

    I also have issue with the generalization that cats don’t need attention – this is what I feel people are saying when they say they can take off for the weekend and leave their cat. Because then they say, “Oh, my cat is so bad. We came home from being gone all weekend and she left a ‘present’ for us on the carpet.” Well, yeah, if you couldn’t talk don’t you think pooping on the carpet is a great way to let people know you think it is completely unacceptable for them to leave you all by yourself for a weekend? I think it is a great way to communicate. Doesn’t mean the cat is bad, it means the cat parent is “bad.” While, you did not say leave the cat alone all weekend, I know many people that think that way . . . .

    We used to leave our dog and have the neighbor come over and feed her. She was an outside dog (oh, totally unheard of now-a-days). She had a house that was well sheltered on a deck. And the nieghbors would feed her once or twice a day (I don’t remember). She had a water licker. But that again is the difference between now and then. Then we actually had yards. If a dog lives in a house or an apartment, that is totally different.

    Also, if the cat is an indoor only cat, I think – just my opinion and my beliefs – that they need a lot more room than a tiny house could provide. I really think cats should go outdoors – but I also am fearful of the things that are outdoors so we keep our cat inside – but they need room to run and climb and move around. I don’t think a tiny house could provide that.

    While I don’t disagree with the idea that these reasons are reasons “millennial” like cats, I do not think the reasons are true. But that is just my opinion.


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! And I completely agree about the space cats need and not leaving them for long periods of time! We always make sure someone comes and not only feeds them but also loves on them when we are out of town! Glad to know others think like that too. Ours are totally inside as well but occasionally outside stroll with us and often have windows open with screens weather permitting when we are home.

      Thanks for reading my post 😊

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      1. I have a friend who is a cat mama that loves on our cats, too. I think they like it!

        That is so cool that your cats stroll with you. My cats would love it outside and I am sure that when they get older they will go outside a bit. I don’t really think they should NEVER experience the outside. I am just trying to hold off, because I know once they go outside I will never get any peace.

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