If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

In this case, if it ain’t broke, do fix it!

I thought it was about time to throw in a reminder blog post about the importance of spaying and neutering your kitty (and pup for that matter too)!

Here are some major considerations:

1.  Spaying or neutering leads to a decrease in euthanasia of perfectly healthy pets. Some shelters are doing a pretty darn good job keeping these numbers low but space is so limited and there are, sadly, so many unwanted pets. Additionally, sometimes owners decide to put a pet down because they no longer want it. Thankfully, many vets will question, turn down the client, send them to the shelter, or find a home for the pet on their own.

2. Medical reasons:

Spaying: may help prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which according to ASPCA, are cancerous in cats 90% of the time. That’s an awfully high number to be messing around with.

Neutering your male kitty may prevent testicular cancer and some prostate problems.

3. Behavioral issues resolved!

  • A spayed female won’t go into heat, which means you will be a lot less likely to wake up to yowling in the middle of the night or find urine sprayed throughout your house. Not to mention, the urine spraying/territory marking can be true for either male or female, dog or cat!
  • Neutering has been shown to decrease aggression and keep males from mounting other animals or objects.
  • A male that has not been fixed (intact) is much more likely to wander further from home, as their drive is very much related to finding a mate.

4. Cost of kittens vs. one cat

Raising a whole litter or litters of kittens can be very expensive and time-consuming and there are so many already unwanted pets in shelters. Your cat can be spayed or neutered for a one time fee of less than $100. If you compare that to litter, food, and vet costs for all of those kittens, you are saving a fortune. Some clinics even offer vouchers to spay or neuter your pets. Pets Alive, for example, will fix your kitty for only $30.

When is the best time to fix my kitty, you may ask?

You can get your kitten fixed as young as 8 weeks old and most shelters spay or neuter your cat before she or he is sent home with you! Just another reason to adopt from the shelter! It is much easier for a younger cat to recover, so plan the spay or neuter early!

Plus, just look how cool your fixed cat could be:
Scooter the Neutered Cat

In conclusion, I have never met a veterinarian that didn’t agree with the benefits of fixing your pet! And you know they aren’t in it for the money or else they would say, “sure, bring on more kittens!”



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