The Big and the Small – Lions, Cats, and All

Lions, Tigers, and Bears More Cats; oh yes!

Lions and domestic, house cats have a lot in common! There are also copious amounts of differences and reasons why you should not have a lion or tiger (or any other big cat) living in your home.

Similarities between lions and the kitty that lives in your home:
1. Love for the good drug (catnip) — Although you probably won’t see a big cat tossing around a tiny mouse toy filled with catnip, lions love catnip just as domestic cats do!

2. Carnivorous nature — Big and small cats alike are definitely not interested in being vegetarian, or even flexitarian (as Ian and I claim to be). Kitties like and need their meats (like Arby’s)!

3. Napping habits — No matter their size, kitties nap and then sleep and then nap some more. Most of their days are spent sleeping! They also both have the adorable ability to knead prior to a nap or any time they wish! Maybe they think they were bread bakers in a previous life?


4. Lions and domestic cats share a great sense of smell.

5. Both spend a lot of time grooming themselves.

Differences between lions and the kitty that lives in your home:
1. The size and shape of their eyes — Big cats have more rounded eyes, while house cats have large eyes that become more slit-like. This may be a difference in hunting time tendencies (lions during day, cats at night).

2. Body size in general — just to state the obvious! Large cats, like lions, are clearly called big cats for a reason. While house cats fit in your house! A lion should not be a personal pet, as beloved and wonderful as they are.

3. Lions roar, while house kitties cannot. House kitties purr, while lions cannot.
But fun fact: Cheetahs, unlike lions, do meow and purr and do not roar.

4. Domestic vs. Wild — Your house cat is generally less aggressive than a lion. The domesticated cat typically has a personality that allows them to learn from memory and positive stimuli AND eventually may even show enjoyment with spending time with you and your fam!

Aren’t all cats such amazing creatures?!

I am ready for some kitty snuggles of my own. But I would be delighted to hear some similarities or differences you know of that are not listed here! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Cap prec

Cappy says, “Thanks for stopping by. Have a meowvalous day!”



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