The Cat’s Reaction to a Pregnant Owner

Although every cat is different, cats are very sensitive and usually have an idea that their owner may be pregnant. In fact, your cat may have been clued in to your drastic future plans even before you were.

Pheromones? They are a’changing and your feline friend can usually pick up on these changes! Cats are also great with picking up body changes and that ever-expanding belly. Additionally, your feline friend can often pick up on your body language changes.

Cappy Mills has always been a daddy’s boy but since I have been pregnant, he is a momma’s boy for sure. He follows me in to rooms and waits for me to sit or lay and then he instantly is in my lap or right next to me. He tries to get close to my belly, usually by walking on it. But he will usually settle for being next to me.

Cappy preggo love.jpg

Gandalf, on the other hand, seems to have no clue that anything has changed! So, I wouldn’t necessarily use your cat as a reliable pregnancy test.

Even as I type this post now, Captain is in my lap, up against my belly, purring away, barely letting me type! Protective and purrecious!

How have your cats reacted to your pregnancy or the pregnancy of someone in your home? Did they notice before you did? Have they taken over your body pillow like mine have? I would love to hear your stories!

Stay tuned for a post to come about kitty reactions to the actual baby coming home!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Have a meowvalous evening!


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