Blogger Recognition Award

I’m grateful and humbled to have been nominated by His Perfect Timing for the Blogger Recognition Award. His Perfect Timing is super encouraging and displays great reminders of Jesus and his amazing love! I encourage you to check out her blog!

My blog, Kittymeowsite, began in July 2016 because I wanted to be transparent about my life as a cat aficionado, share experiences, educate about cat ownership (or rather their ownership of us), and bring smiles to people through sharing photographs and stories of my beloved kitties!

My advice to others wanting to start up a blog is: Just go for it! It may seem silly at first to write down your thoughts and stories but it is so refreshing! Others will enjoy reading your blog, as you will enjoy being able to express yourself!

Also, don’t be discouraged by how many people are reading your blog, just keep enjoying yourself! If you are influencing even one person, how cool is that?!

Thank you again to His Perfect Timing for my nomination!