Halloween and the Black Cat

Black cats often get a bad rap! And why? Personally, I believe they are just as cute and snuggly as non-black kitties, so what is the problem?!

One of the top reasons black cats and dogs tend to wait in shelters longer is because it is harder to photograph them. Think about it, you need to have a light background in order to show off their true beauty. Add in the fact that most cats and dogs don’t typically pose for photographs and boom-a less than sub-par picture on the website of Smokey or Midnight. Additionally, some search for a new kitty to invite into their home solely based on markings. Many black cats lack markings on their fur.

And then there is the “spooky” that comes along with a black cat. Some people have superstitious feelings around black cats! Personally, I don’t believe in such superstitions. In fact, no one truly knows (at least as far as I could research) where the idea even came from that black cats bring bad luck. I mean don’t we all know better than to walk under a ladder all of the time and not just when crossing a cat?

Additionally, the picture featured on this post is pretty darn spooky and it is just Gandalf mid-yawn!

Could it be those glowing eyes attached to a body that is camouflaged in the dark? If so, let me tell you, Captain’s white body gets away with that cat characteristic, just as much as his dark gray brother, Gandalf, does! If it is pitch dark, does it matter if your cat is entirely black? I say not!

Just look how creepy Cappy can appear in this caught-on-camera photograph! (Sorry for the less than great quality photo)

My theory is that black cats seem to be spooky because of their ability to hide more readily in the dark! Whatever the reason, I still believe they are lovable, friendly cats, deserving of a great home!

Hope you all had a nice Halloween and hope some of you dressed in your best kitty attire!

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