How To Choose An Automatic Cat Feeder

You want your cat to be well-fed and healthy but unable to take care of them every day. If you need someone to help feed your cat, an automatic cat feeder is a useful tool that you are looking for. This machine not only provides your cat with meals but is also a great way to control your cat’s eating habits and allow them to have a healthy weight and lifestyle for them. With these outstanding uses, the automatic cat feeder will be the perfect choice to help you when your kids are away from home.

However, along with the development of this machine is an explosion of models, designs, and features of manufacturers. This will generally make the cat owners confused when choosing the most suitable automatic cat feeder. Moreover, the cost of a feeder is not cheap, and it is a waste of money if you buy low-quality ones. Understanding this problem, in today’s article, we will give you tips when choosing to buy the automatic cat feeder.

Storage capacity


The first feature you need to consider when choosing the automatic cat feeder is their storage capacity. That is the maximum amount of food that can be stored in the machine. Each cat has a different daily amount of food, depending on its type or health status. Therefore, it is essential to understand the need for cat food when choosing capacity. It is better to buy the automatic cat feeder that can accommodate a day or more of feed. You will not have to spend time loading food into the machine many times.

Another important factor to note is that the food in the machine is only distributed according to the programmed mode, or it can automatically adjust to the needs of the cat. If you want to feed your cat more than one day, make sure the compartment is large enough that it can hold the food and distribute the correct amount for a few days.

The kinds of Foods for the machine

The second element I want to mention is the type of food that can give the automatic cat feeder. Usually, some cat owners prefer to feed their friends dry or wet canned foods. However, if you use the automatic cat feeder, it will be a lot better when you use dry cat food as it will be easier to distribute. If you want to use wet food, it is challenging because there are not many types of machines with this function on the market today.

In addition, a wet cat food dispenser will not be able to use dry food. If you try to mix the two, you will find yourself having a smelly mess on your hands, and no cat will like to eat that. So, before buying the automatic cat feeder for your cat, be sure about the type of food your cat will eat.

Speed ​​of food release

Some of our 4-legged friends are quite cunning when eating, and will try to find a way to dig more food. You should consider the quality of the duct to release cat food a few pieces at a time. This will be very helpful if your cat is a greedy child.

Make a feeding plan

Another feature to keep in mind when buying the automatic cat feeder is the ability to provide cat food according to a programmed program, even if you are not at home. Ideally, you should feed the machine and use the digital timer to adjust the feeding time accurately. Some modern models also allow you to adjust the time for cats to eat with the applications right on the smartphone.

Technical issues

As you know, the automatic cat feeder, no matter how modern, is still just a machine. They may experience technical problems during production or use. Therefore, before buying a device for yourself, you should ask the seller or read about issues such as:

– How long can the battery last? And how long does it take to charge the battery fully?

– If the automatic cat feeder uses electricity, can your cat remove the plug?

– In the case, radicals are not distributed to cats, what to do?

– How to clean the automatic cat feeder.


Basically, the automatic cat feeder is manufactured with a strict process and high accuracy. However, sometimes problems can occur, and not everyone knows how to fix them. So when buying a machine, you should pay attention to the warranty that the manufacturer gives. Typically, the warranty period of at least one year depending on the manufacturer.

In conclusion

Above are a few factors you should keep in mind before buying the best automatic cat feeder for your little friend. The choice will become easier and more economical when you understand the product. We hope that with the above information, your cat will still have tasty meals without the owner. Thanks for reading.

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