The Season of the Kitten

Kitten season-it is among us! Doesn't it sound like such a joyous time of year? Wrong-o! The truth about kitten season is that kittens are overflowing in shelters, good homes are hard to come by, and many momma cats are having several homeless litters. Kitten season is typically at its peak in late spring or early summer. Many … Continue reading The Season of the Kitten


I heart Animal Hearted

On Monday, I opened my mailbox and pulled out a petite but adorable teal package that read "I helped save an animal"! And although petite, the contents were fantastic! I mean just look at what this package had to offer! I know what you are thinking.. "how do I get myself some of that?" (And yes, … Continue reading I heart Animal Hearted

The Terrifying Reality of Shopping and not Adopting

Warning: If you come here to solely read about cats, this post is relatively focused on dogs and I apologize. Here is a picture of my beloved kitties to get you through: You know when you walk into the mall or past a strip mall and see that store filled with adorable puppies, and sometimes cats and other small … Continue reading The Terrifying Reality of Shopping and not Adopting