In Awe of Tummy Rub Tuesday 

Gandalf tummy! Cappy tummy!


The Tail of a New Home

There are many reasons why someone may consider giving up a pet, specifically a cat. However, there are also many solutions to avoid this or to provide re-homing with a positive spin! Here are some reasons one may consider re-homing their beloved kitty: Allergies Sudden onset allergies believed to be caused by your cat. It is hard to … Continue reading The Tail of a New Home

Urinary Vlogging Adventures

Hi everyone!  This is my first and potentially last (and only) attempt at vlogging. Let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by! ***CLARIFICATION-October 12, 2016 I wanted to clarify a comment I made within part 2 of my vlog. The male urethra is not smaller in length. The female urethra actually … Continue reading Urinary Vlogging Adventures

Star Struck

This past weekend, Ian and I participated in a 5k that benefited the Humane Society of Monroe County. Ian did great (finished top 10) and I finished the race, so there’s that. We were surrounded by fellow animal lovers who all ran to support our community’s animals in need. How cool! Animal enthusiasts and several pooches … Continue reading Star Struck

I’d Rather Be Watching Cat Videos

"I'd Rather Be Watching Cat Videos" reads a blue tie-dye t-shirt I bought Ian a while back. And no, we wouldn't always rather be watching cat videos. We much enjoy spending time with each other, our family, and friends. And no, we don't always watch cat videos while working or at church. BUT who doesn't adore … Continue reading I’d Rather Be Watching Cat Videos

The Terrifying Reality of Shopping and not Adopting

Warning: If you come here to solely read about cats, this post is relatively focused on dogs and I apologize. Here is a picture of my beloved kitties to get you through: You know when you walk into the mall or past a strip mall and see that store filled with adorable puppies, and sometimes cats and other small … Continue reading The Terrifying Reality of Shopping and not Adopting