The Season of the Kitten

Kitten season-it is among us! Doesn't it sound like such a joyous time of year? Wrong-o! The truth about kitten season is that kittens are overflowing in shelters, good homes are hard to come by, and many momma cats are having several homeless litters. Kitten season is typically at its peak in late spring or early summer. Many … Continue reading The Season of the Kitten


Hometown Heroes

Asking for straw due to their overload of animals, The White River Humane Society is at max capacity! My mom recently visited the shelter to drop off some straw when she saw they were in need of donations. She informed me of the current full state of the shelter with a heavy heart. It brings … Continue reading Hometown Heroes

The Tail of a New Home

There are many reasons why someone may consider giving up a pet, specifically a cat. However, there are also many solutions to avoid this or to provide re-homing with a positive spin! Here are some reasons one may consider re-homing their beloved kitty: Allergies Sudden onset allergies believed to be caused by your cat. It is hard to … Continue reading The Tail of a New Home