The Season of the Kitten

Kitten season-it is among us! Doesn't it sound like such a joyous time of year? Wrong-o! The truth about kitten season is that kittens are overflowing in shelters, good homes are hard to come by, and many momma cats are having several homeless litters. Kitten season is typically at its peak in late spring or early summer. Many … Continue reading The Season of the Kitten


Feral, Stray, Loved

Feral-a term you have probably heard from time to time but do you really know what it means? Some people shudder at the sound of the word. Feral must mean violent, aggressive, full of disease, angry.. right? Not necessarily! There are feral cats living all over the world. A feral cat is typically part of a … Continue reading Feral, Stray, Loved